Putting aside money in a savings account is a smart move for any business.

You never know when funds will be needed for emergencies, to tide your business over when money is tight – or even to take advantage of an unexpected investment opportunity. A savings account can help ensure that you always have funds close at hand and are prepared for any eventuality.

Capital Savings Account

This account is designed for companies with moderate-to-high transaction levels.

Pricing is based on the monthly collected balance and activity, and a service charge is assessed only if the cost of services exceeds the earnings credit allowance.

Must deposit $100.00 to open
Monthly maintenance fee of $8.00;

$.15 per check written;

$.05 per item deposited

Interest is not paid on this account. However, we do calculate an earnings credit allowance when the average collected balance for your account is positive. If your earnings credit exceeds the account charges for the statement period, there is no service charge. If your charges exceed the earnings credit allowance, your account will be charged the difference. The interest rate utilized to determine the earnings credit will be adjusted by the bank based on current market conditions.

If the average collected balance for the month is negative, a fee will be charged using a daily rate based on the Commercial Capital Bank Prime Rate

Capital Savings Account

A savings account developed specifically for businesses.

The interest rate paid is established at the sole discretion of Commercial Capital Bank and may change at any time.

Interest begins to accrue on the business day you make a deposit
Interest is compounded and paid to your account quarterly
Must deposit $100.00 to open
You may make one (1) withdrawal per month
The charge for additional withdrawals is $2.00 per withdrawal
A minimim balance fee of $1.00 will be charged each month the balance in your account falls below $100.00
Quarterly statements will be mailed
Monthly statements will be mailed to savings accounts with any EFT activity during the month (e.g. direct deposits)


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