Will my account number change?

No. Account numbers will remain the same.

Will banking hours change?

No. They will remain the same, but we will close at 3:00 p.m. July 31, 2020 to transition to Commercial Capital Bank.

When will I receive my final First State Bank statement?

All customers will receive a statement dated July 31, 2020.

When will I receive my first Commercial Capital Bank statement?

Consumer Statements print on the 9th of the month. Commercial Statements print at the end of the month. Savings Account Statements print at the end of the month quarterly.

Can I obtain copies of my First State Bank deposit statements after July 31, 2020?

Yes, by visiting a branch convenient to you.

Will I automatically receive new checks and deposit slips?

No. You may use your First State Bank checks and deposit slips until you are ready to reorder. Reorders are accepted by phone, mail, in person, or online.

Will my account fees change?

Some account fees will change. You will receive an account disclosure detailing improved benefits and any changes. Again, you may call us at any time at (870) 364-5131, and we will be happy to discuss any concerns. We want you to be happy with this transition, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible.

Will I be able to continue using my First State Bank debit card?

No. On July 31, 2020, your First State Bank debit card will no longer work. Please make preparations for the weekend by withdrawing cash prior to or by visiting our branch on July 31. On August 1, 2020, you should activate and begin using your new Commercial Capital Bank VISA debit card. It is VERY IMPORTANT if you receive two debit cards to call us or come by for identifying which card is linked to each account. To activate your card, please call us or visit one of our ATMs.

Will my Online Banking access change?

Yes. Please visit comcapbank.com to Self Enroll beginning August 3, 2020. We suggest printing your payee list and currently scheduled payments prior to July 27, 2020 as your payees and scheduled payments will need to be set up on your Commercial Capital Bank’s Online Banking. Bill Pay services through First State Bank’s Online Banking will no longer be available as of July 27, 2020; you may begin using Commercial Capital Bank’s Online Banking Bill Payment August 3, 2020.

What about Online Banking for my business account?

Our staff will set up our business customers individually. One of our Customer Service Representatives will be contacting you soon.

Will my direct deposit be affected? What about automatic deductions of payments?

No. Any direct deposits you currently have with First State Bank will be forwarded directly to Commercial Capital Bank. Automatic payments will continue as normal. Remember your account number will not change.

What about my safe deposit box at First State Bank?

Safe deposit boxes will continue to be available during regular banking hours.

What is Commercial Capital Bank’s policy on privacy?

Commercial Capital Bank maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure your nonpublic information remains safe. Our privacy policy is available on our website at comcapbank.com.

Can any Commercial Capital Bank location take care of my needs?

Yes. Please visit any of our branches. We are always happy to welcome you!

Our number one goal is customer service and maintaining a home town banking experience.

This is important because it means that all of the banking decisions that affect our customers are made right here by local bank officers and directors who live in our community and know most of our customers by name. Our bank officers and employees regard our customers as more than an account number.

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